Freelance and Custom Work

There are three different ways you can hire Pat Green for your photography and writing needs.

  • Consignment/Personal/Custom
  • Professional/Business
  • Events


If you really like a piece in the blog, the shoppe or in a gallery and you would like a signed piece printed on legacy paper and museum glass, contact us and we can talk about your custom vision. 

Do you have a vision in your head of something you would like created? A memory of a loved one, a celebration of your love for another, a pet or a child? Would you like something intimate or artistic with you as the model? We can create the experience and the art that you want on a consignment basis. Contact us so we can discuss your dream and bring it to life. 

***Attention Parents***
Not every family can afford hundreds and even thousands of dollars for Senior proofs. If that is you and you want your student to have this wonderful tradition at a price you can afford. Contact us.  Pat Green is not a budget photographer. He was, however, raised by a single mother on limited funds. It is important that all children have as many opportunities as possible, even if it is something as little as a Sr photo spread. 


Do you have a special event that you want to remember?

Weddings, parties, anniversaries, or any other event that you would love to commemorate with a professional photographer at your event.

Weddings are something we are selective on. There are wonderful wedding photographers in the area that do wonderful weddings and specialize in it. The only weddings we will do are the "budget" weddings. The average wedding in Chicago is about $50,000 and in the suburbs about $30,000. Many people can barely afford a backyard event with some beautiful friends on your special day. If this is you, we are for you. We can work within your budget and it will be our honor. It will be intimate, it will be professional and it will have that artistic edge that will meet your budget and celebrate your love as a couple be it husband and wife, husband and husband, or wife and wife, etc. Pat Green is not a budget photographer. He was, however, a hopeless romantic who believe that everyone's wedding and love story should be celebrated. A backyard wedding catered by a local take out place is as beautiful as the ones in vast halls and deserve to be shown that way.

Contact us for a quote and availability.


Since 2004, Pat Green has been using photography and copy writing to enhance the market presence for many companies. His work has been used in the market copy and websites of organizations like that MicroCenter, State of Indiana Board of Education, Joliet Drama Guild, TeleCAB Taxi, Joliet City Center Partnership, Aquarius News and many other organizations.

Contact us for your project needs.

When you hire Pat Green for your photography needs, you not only get the craftsmanship and care of an artist, you also get a seasoned professional with 30 years of photography experience that was forged in the fast paced environment of photojournalism for Chicago area newspapers. Combine that with over a decade of professional writing, he can tell your story with beauty and efficiency.

That story can be of your business, your vision, or your special moment that you want to express and remember for a lifetime.

The reason the prices are not listed is there are multiple ways of pricing a project depending on your needs.

We can go by the project, the hours, and factor in end product material costs.