Friday, October 21, 2016

Wonder Threatened By Winds of Change

Winds Of Change
Alice asked for Cheshire's guidance in navigating the road to Wonder and freedom from pain and judgement. Along the road they were greeted by the sign that denies wonder and the freight train of baggage brought the winds of change that almost swept Alice away. Cheshire, experienced in the winds of change was steady on her feet and guided Alice to hang on and ride it out. Cheshire knows that no matter what the signs say, that there is a land of Wonder and acceptance and that all trains carrying baggage and winds end and there will be calm to the storm.

Trust does not come easily for Alice anymore, but she saw how firm of foot despite the winds Cheshire was and hung on. 

We need those friends in our lives. The ones who are sure of foot despite loose rocks and high winds. The ones who help us steady our uncertain selves while we trust that the train, the storm and the wind will pass. 

When we have those guides and those friends, we one day become the steady and sure footed person guiding another through similar storms. 

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