Monday, October 3, 2016


Wine fascinates me. It is very popular right now. We have wine clubs, we have it in religious ceremonies. Wine has existed for thousands of years. Until we run out of grapes and dandelions and other such things, we will still have wine. 

Wine is all about timing. The grapes have to be harvested at just the right moments. Then they have to be fermented for a window of time. Then we have to age the wine within a certain window. Then it needs to be bottled in a certain manner and can stay in the bottle for a certain amount of time in the right conditions and can only be drunk after opened under certain conditions. 

If the timing is off on any of these things, you have a bottle of something bitter and even toxic. 

We are not like wine in any way, shape or form. With wine, screw one thing up and you no longer have good wine. We are more resilient Time is kinder to us. Are there points where we hit the point of no return? Of course there are. But there are far fewer and far more rare than wine. 

As you drink your next glass of wine, appreciate the precision that went into making it drinkable. As you drink your next glass of wine, know that you are better and more robust and resilient. 

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