Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Timelines, Patterns and Failures

This simple snapshot that is a little out of focus was part of a series of pictures I took that are now appearing on my year ago timeline.

In the timeline I was put in a position at a lovely church called the Refuge to face myself. I did that through the eyes of others and recognized the patters and the failures that I have defined myself by while rejecting the beauty.

As we look in the timeline as where we have been and where we are we will project where we are going. We will base where we are going on patterns and where we dreamed we will be.

Today started off the exact opposite as I had planned it and in the failure of expectations being met all I can see is the pattern in the timeline of failures. Like so many of us, I assume that is what the continuing pattern will be without recognizing the pattern of beauty and love.

But that is who we are. We have so many books and gurus speaking of the positive. We buy the books, go to the seminars, and surround ourselves with artistic zen and inspirational quotes and our default is toward worry, self degradation, mistrust, judgement of others and self.

I sought refuge in the Refuge and this refugee felt as if he found asylum 1,000 miles from home, now things feel out of focus.

I wish we could see a different pattern in the timeline. It is there and it is not a failure.

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