Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday Storytelling: The Art of Love for the Love of Art

Today I represented my art guild at a chamber function with 2 other members. While I was doing that, there were another 2 members at an art crawl near the city and yet another selling in a booth for Oktoberfest.

To sit in a room and talk to businesses, chamber reps, radio DJ's, elected officials and business owners and the general public about what we do as a guild, our upcoming show and even try to sell some of their material was the art of love and the love of art.

I had people ask me for my card and I had none to offer. I was not there to prop up Pat Green. I was there to prop up The Artist Guild of Lockport. People who have a love of art and the art of love drives me to promote and elevate all of us.

We are community. We are friends. We have different skills.

Today, one of my peers in the art guild said that I could sell to a dead man. I suppose that is my skill.

I got some of the artists some potential retail floor space in a music shop to move their art. I got us some radio time. I made some bridges with some other area businesses and made the public aware of us.

One of the members with me helped move another artist's inventory and then advised her in better retail display techniques and also made headway with some members of the chamber of commerce.

The love of art brought a community together. The art of love had three people get up before dawn to display and highlight the work of a community. The love of art had three others get up before dawn to drive to other parts of the Chicagoland area to sell their art, but in the name of the art of love, they will be with us next Saturday as we gather together as a community and in a gallery and celebrate all that we are to a group of people who have a love of art and want to see a good art show put on by people who understand the art of love.

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