Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Aftermath of the Aftermath

Destruction After Destruction
This is the aftermath of the aftermath of a fire that took out a building with businesses and apartments in downtown Lockport. Firefighters were swift in ensuring the safety of residents and no one was injured. 

When I did photography for local papers in my youth I took a few shots of fires in progress and some of the aftermath, but not the aftermath of the aftermath. 

To properly rebuild after a critical level of destruction in life, you have to finish the job the fire started. You have to clean the rubble and continue to deconstruct and tear down so you have a clean slate, a clean foundation, to rebuild. 

If you try to rebuild on top of the rubble and on half torched walls, the new structure will not stand as well and will still be damaged. 

When we face certain tragedies in life, we have to continue the deconstruction so we can build clean. So that what we rebuild stands strong. The great news about this, is rebuilding allows us to take what we learned and update the structure of our lives. New wiring makes us less prone to repeat tragedy. Sprinkler systems will reduce the damage. Better materials will ensure a more resilient us. 

As long as we have a foundation to us, we can rebuild our lives time and time again. But sometimes, we have to tear it all down. The aftermath of the aftermath allows beauty to build. clean the slate. Rebuild. Do the hard work. 

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