Thursday, October 13, 2016

Special Announcement

This is not a normal picture with a story. This is an announcement with a story. 

This friday I will be at the Flower of Life Gallery in Lockport from 6-8 presenting with another artist. 

We will be talking about our pieces currently on display at the Flower of Life Gallery and we will also be talking about our history of artists, what inspires us and what moves us in art. 

If you live in the Chicago area or have a friend that does, please feel free to invite them to this intimate reception. 

Is is located at 1601 S State Street in Lockport Illinois. Parking is limited so you may have to park at the metra station a block away. 

As I prepared what I was going to say, I spoke to professional artists and art dealers on how best to present myself and my work. They gave me wonderful feedback and in the process of preparing my presentation, I learned a lot about myself. 

What I have to say will be informative, but it will also be extremely honest and vulnerable and intimate. More vulnerable and honest and intimate in the public eye than I have been since I wrote and published my book last year. 

I have some dear friends attending for moral support because I have made it clear that this will be essentially me ripping my heart out of my chest and plopping it in front of the crowd for all to see and judge or appreciate. That is hard for most people. Especially me. 

I have, in my life, made a lot of mistakes and those have been exposed by a few people and have also been defined by them moreso than my beauty. That is not unique, we all have. My mistakes and my beauty are all a part of my vulnerability. I do hope you can attend.

You would honor me with your presence as I stand naked and exposed in a room for of people and pour out the story of me in the hopes they connect. 

See you on Friday (I hope). 

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