Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday StoryTelling: Late

I do not know why I am thinking of this, but there was a night back in 2013 when I was driving a taxi that I cannot get out of my mind.

In my condo complex is an elderly Indian couple. The husband has Parkinson's and movement is difficult for him

It was a windy day with rain and I was leaving for work with not much time to get there on time. It was the night before thanksgiving and that is one of the three busiest days in the taxi and bar industry.

As I was walking to my car parked 2 buildings down I saw them getting out of their car. She was trying to help him and it was much more slow going than normal in the pelting rain and wind. I kept walking to my car. Then....I swore to myself and turned around and took his arm and helped her help him get to the door and inside.

She was so very grateful that she was near tears for the help and assistance.

I hurried to my car and hustled to the taxi terminal and started a 14 hour shift.

I tell this story not to bring praise to myself, but to bring another matter to light.

The whole time I was helping them, all I could think about was work. The whole time I was helping them I wished he would move faster. The whole time I was helping them I was anxious about my day. The whole time I was helping them I was upset about the rain soaking me. The whole time I was helping them I was irritated with them and myself for helping them.

I helped them anyway. I could not turn away from them.

They did not know any of this. As far as they were concerned I was a swell guy and a helpful and kind man. Inside I felt like a selfish prick.

To this day, I do not know who is right, but I am glad I did the right thing. They needed help and I was the only one outside.

I usually have a great tie in to a larger point. Tonight I do not.

Lemme know if you relate on some level.

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