Monday, October 10, 2016

Local Galleries and New Directions

This is the outside of the Gallery where I have had my work shown in three shows this year. It is owned and operated by a man who has become a dear friend. It is, when me and my other artist friends are there, my home away from home. We are together with our work and among lovers of art.

This upcoming Friday, I will be there in the evening with fellow artist, Giselle, doing a meet and greet with the public to talk about our pieces that are on display, what inspires us as artists and also to do some Q and A with the public. Other artists will be doing the same this month with their pieces as well.

On the weekends I have found myself attending trunk shows and other events to display and sell art. Recently there was a chamber of commerce function where I was one of 3 people with the honor of representing the local arts community and I was also on the AM talk radio dial doing the same for a 30 minute spot.

The art work consumes me and fills me and this particular art community that I have become a part of accepts me and they have become my tribe.

This site, as you see it, has been the co creation of some silent mentors in my life who have been guides to me and continue to do so.

The point of the daily blog has been to show that I can commit to a daily routine and that I have a large body of work with a diversity of material. I have also had an opportunity to see what is shares, what is read, what is viewed and what is bought.

With your help, I have able to narrow down the art and the display of the art.

Soon, the daily blog will be reduced to whenever I feel I have something to say and it will no longer be the highlight of the site. I will still be writing here and in other soon to be announced venues. Just not daily.

The site will be undergoing some major changes where the focus will also be on the art and it will be easier to buy and connect with me for consignment work.

I am a man of passion and not all business, however, so this storytelling and personal connection will still be a part of the site, merely on a reduced scale.

I want to thank everyone for reading and hope you will continue to do so.

I also hope that when the soon to be released Patreon page launches, you will support this creative endeavor. Of course, I will honor those who support me in ways I cannot discuss right now.

In closing, galleries like this exist in towns like yours. Some are owned by tattoo artists, painters and dealers. They are free to enter and you can buy wonderful pieces or merely admire them and get to know the art and artists in your area telling the story of us.

Stay tuned. I will have more to say on Tuesday.

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