Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Created Falls

The formation of a waterfall is a fascinating and slow event. What will happen is that a narrow stream will have some hard and resistant rock. The erosion factor on the upstream side of the hard rock will be slower than the erosion on the downstream side of the rock. Over time the erosion differences will grow and the water will fall farther as the downstream end gets further down to the point that even a canyon can be created.

This process happens over a very long time and it is happening as we speak at every waterfall in every stream as you read this. The change is imperceptible to the human eye, but it is happening.

This is the path of nature and the creation of nature.

Often, we create lovely gardens in our backyards and we will create a waterfall in a pond using pumps and guides and mechanisms. Visually, we have the very same thing, but it is not forges in the reality of resistance and time. It is instant, yet still lovely.

This is the path of nurture and the creation of human kind.

Some would say what is made in a garden is less, I would disagree.

What we create in the garden of love is not less and it is not artificial. The plants we plant are cares for and offer oxygen. The fruits and vegetables we garden and harvest still provide nourishment. The flowers are still used by the birds and the bees to pollinate nature. The pond with the waterfall provides beauty and a home to exotic fish we buy and allows insects and nearby woodland creatures like squirrels and raccoons and even skunks and opportunity to drink.

The sources are different in the creation, the methods happen at a different rate, and it is all beautiful and life giving.

Maybe we would do well to not judge the differences in this world, but enjoy the beauty.

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