Thursday, October 6, 2016

Always Coming Soon

Coming Soon
There is always something coming soon. You cannot see a movie without hearing about ten other movies that are coming soon. Empty storefronts promise a new business coming soon. Everything is just about to happen. 

We are the same way. Everything is coming soon. Love, destruction, a new opportunity, our next failure, discovery, mistakes, loss and gains. That coming soon is tomorrow, the next moment, or even a decade from now. 

The problem is that sometimes we can focus so much on what is coming up with anxiousness that we are never here and now. 

When we are present, when we stop worrying about what is coming soon, we get to make what happens next. We create and co create with all that are around us. That happens now, not tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is coming soon, but whatever happens will happen. What matters now is now. 

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