Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Alice's Sunset on Love

Sunset On Love
Alice knew he was never coming back. She made the brave step and decided she would not pretend to be something she was not. She had tried too many times for too long to lose her muchness to make another person happy. She thought that if he accepted who she pretended to be that he would one day accept her, but he never could because he never would. 

She light's a cigarette as the sun sets on love. On his end, it was never love. But she did. She wanted to love and to be loved. She thought she was making the brave steps in sacrifice of self for love. But she had to love her first. 

Despite the pain, she knows that for the first time in a long time, she has put herself first by refusing to be less for another. With the pretense gone, all that is left is here and her muchness is returning. 

She is becoming fully her. She is starting her journey to Wonder. 


This is the preface to the Alice story where she finds her freedom in the field. There comes that moment of contemplation of love lost. Even if it was never real for the other (though it may have been, you may never know), it was real for you. You may have to take some time and reflect and think. You may feel naked against the sunset and vulnerable, but there is also a hidden strength. It does not get recognized immediately, but it is there. 

I am very proud of my "Alice" work. I have an amazing model to work with and soon she will be accompanies by a cast of characters as they all discover Wonder together. 

In the meantime...enjoy her. The Alice series will be some of my most heartfelt work on a personal level. 

If you wish to buy this print. It is only $10 and was recently on display at The Flower of Life Art Gallery in Lockport. The original was raffled off and 2 others have been spoken for. I limit all Alice prints to 20. There are 17 left for purchase. 

If you would like to have a copy of Alice's Sunset on love, please switch to desktop mode on your browser and click the buy print button below the photo. 

It will be printed on high quality paper using archival quality ink and sent directly to you. 

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