Thursday, October 20, 2016

Alice's New Friends in Wonder

The Gathering
Meet Cheshire, Hatter and White Rabbit.

They are some of Alice's new friend's in Wonder. 

Cheshire accepts everyone She has a habit of seeming to be flaky as she tends to pop in and out, but she always seems to pop in just when you need her and you did not know you did. 

White Rabbit does not say much. He is friendly, but he has an edge and is far too worried about time. 

Then we have Hatter. Hatter used to be respected and revered. He saw too much. Too much pain, too much darkness and too much hate. He went mad. He could not take it anymore. Riddled with PTSD, he is still the man he always was, but others do not see that in him. He is still accepted, but he knows they no longer see him as he is. He is still the same man inside, just with layers of pain that need acceptance.

Alice sees him and believes in him and he in her. 

More to come......

We all need friends and community that accept us. That is part of the path to Wonder. We cannot and should not do it alone.

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