Thursday, September 29, 2016

Who is Out Of Place?

Out of Place?
I went to a regional airport a few months back and shared some shots. This is one I did not share as of yet. It is a wild coyote in the middle of the tarmac at the regional airport.

At first it seemed out of place, then I remembered a story someone told me about a wild bobcat where she lives. A friend's daughter was trapped in a barn with a wild bobcat. Police and wildlife rescue were able to get the young lady out safety and extract the bobcat safely to be released back into the mountains and the trees. 

Many people who live there spend insane amounts of money to transplant to this area of nature and beauty.  I think their wealth may give them an illusion of control as if nature were a barista to shit on in a local Starbucks. One of them commented to her that the police should have destroyed the bobcat. She has lived there well over a decade and understands nature. She looked at them and said, "Why? The bobcat was here first."

The more and more we build, the more and more we encroach on wildlife and then when it wanders about we say it is out of place and does not belong. We see the same with human beings. Indigenous populations and gentrification are merely two horrific examples of what we are capable of. 

Sometimes we are like the coyote. We go to places and for various reasons we are made to feel as if we do not belong. Maybe it is because of our color, sexuality, weight, gender, income level, style, or any other reason. We are made to feel uncomfortable and an outcast for simply being ourselves and going where we need to go or wish to go. 

It may even be is spaces you feel invited to only to find out you are not welcome for reasons unclear to you and made to feel less over it. 

I would love to tell you to ignore them, but sometimes they make it difficult to do so when they chase you out or wonder why further action was not taken against you. 

The world is getting smaller and smaller every day. There are less woods and habitats for us to be safe in. We will have to take risks to simply live our lives. Sometimes not everything is warm and fuzzy, but in you is beauty and strength. Know that as you travel, those that say you are out of place or do not belong are wrong. You may have even been here first. 

The people who determine what is and is not out of place are the blind ones. They have no place to say you are out of place.

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