Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Campfires Of Life

When I was a minister I was part of something called the Outlaw Preachers. Conservative evangelicals and fundamentalists used to write about us a lot as if we were a movement to be feared. The reality is that we were mostly men and women who gathered together to love, exude grace and drink a cool drink by a warm fire. At least, that was how we started.

I used to think I needed that label of Outlaw Preacher to have that. Here is the thing. I was wrong.

The cool drink by the warm fire can happen anywhere. With anyone. And I can be whatever I am.

Some of the people around the fire that I sang with in this shot I have known for a scant few months and others I met just that day. We sang songs of peace and hope and love and enjoyed each other's company.

Find your fire and your beverage and taste life. The campfires of life are waiting for all of us and our voices. Sit down and add your voice to the song of life and warm not only your body, but your heart.

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