Friday, September 2, 2016

Summer Wine With Alice

Summer Wine
Alice realized part of the reason she did not respect, or even like herself, is that she allowed people who did not respect her or see her inside her. Inside her heart, inside her soul, inside her mind and even inside her body. She desperately wanted them to say they loved her. She jumped through their hoops and tried to meet the impossible standards of small minds and smaller hearts. Her heart was larger than theirs, it was more true, more kind and stronger than they gave her credit for.

She sat in the sunlight with a bottle of wine and thought. A glass was not needed for these thoughts for the bottle would soon be as empty as the love she never received from these small people. As the sun warmed her body externally and wine warmed her internally she knew that she could never win their approval. She could never meet their standards. They could never love her for they had no love.

They had nothing to give and everything to take and there was not much left of her. 

They had charm, a good body, looks, possessions and a reputation in the community. They had everything society values, but they had no values and they could never value or cherish her. 

The smallest of grins started to across her face as the warmth of something else enveloped her. The warmth was the beginning tickle of love. The love that one has for one self. The love that begins the journey to Wonder. 

There was, for the briefest of moments, a calm in the storm. She knew this was the eye of the storm. To fight her way to Wonder, she would have to leave the pain. She would have to stand for herself and value the treasure she already was as she was.  

Alice's Journey begins with hard realizations and warmth.

Enjoy a glass of Summer wine with Alice and value yourself .

Do not give your heart, your mind, your soul, and your body to those who do not wholly accept you. That devalues yourself and impedes the road to Wonder and your dreams will be forever held hostage and the road impeded by their avarice.

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