Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Soar free, own art, save money!

From today until October 1st, all 8x8 and 8x10 prints of my art works is on sale. 

50% off on both. 


All pieces are still limited to 20 and then I remove them from the store.

"So, Pat," you are not asking, "I am looking on my phone and I do not see how to buy your art. How do I take advantage ot this wonderful deal?"

Mybad. My widget for my store does NOT work on mobile browers. I am so sorry. I will change that soon. But for now, do the following. 

1. Switch to desktop mode on your browser. 

2. Go to the store tab and you will see a "buy now" widget on the bottom right of the photo. 

3. Click that and buy it and it will be yours!

4. Also, all photos in the blog are for sale the same way. So scroll through your favorite pics and stories and make one yours today!

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