Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Summer, New Freedom (and new directions for the site, meet Alice)

New Summer New Freedom
I have had this piece on display in an archival quality print, professionally framed at the Flower Of Life Art Gallery in Lockport.

I need to tell you the story of how this piece came to be. I was talking to a friend of mine and asked her what summer meant to her. The last few Summers have not been kind due to toxic people in her life. She told me what she would like summer to mean to her. 

She told that Summer was hard for her. The ghosts remained and would not be weeded out until she made new memories. Then she said, word for word, the following. "Sitting on the porch early morning...drinking coffee...watching the hummingbirds. Feeling the sun on my face, grass under my feet, wine on my lips. I'm trying to define my new summer. This is a new summer for me."
I spoke with the model about what my friend had to say about Summer. I told her what I could of the woman I know without betraying her privacy until the model was moved to emotion. She wanted freedom. She changed, wearing my dress shirt and nothing else. Armed with a bottle of wine in a meadow at dawn, she danced and felt wine on her lips and grass beneath her feet and cried for the freedom as the sunlight shone upon her. 

We tried to tell a story with a photo and we succeeded. 

We also started a new chapter. 

The model, when she saw the finished product, told me that she felt more beautiful and more free than any other time she has done a shoot. Beyond that, seeing this photo made her feel beautiful in general. 

We have agreed to continue working together and create a character based on this shot and the journey we tried to reflect..

Her name is now Alice and this is her adventure in Wonder.

This shot will be the end of a very important chapter, but we will begin her story soon. I cannot wait for you to meet her again for the very first time. 

Alice has some friends. One is named Hatter and the other is Cheshire. You will see them and many of her other friend in the near future as we tell the story of Wonder and love and heartache and freedom. 

You may purchase an 8x10 print of Alice's Debut here in desktop mode for $19.99. I am limiting all Alice prints to 20 including that which I have in my personal collection. So there are 17 left.  

If you would like to purchase the framed print that was on display in the gallery, Please feel free to email me at: 

Thank you for reading and I hope you share this story and make it a part of your story. As this summer winds down, you can still have new freedom and wonder.

That will be our new focus on the art hear at Moonlight From Ashes. Freedom and Wonder and shared stories. In this land of social media gone awry and politics on steroids and 24 hour paranoia...I mean news...we need to know that beauty and wonder still exist and it is there that we will find freedom. 

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