Thursday, September 8, 2016


Have you ever noticed that when you are working on a project or striving toward a goal, the closer you get to the summit of completion and accomplishment, the further away or impossible everything seems to feel?

I have a walk in closet that a few weeks ago I could no longer walk in. I have tried to clean it a few times, but the more progress I make, the more difficult and impossible it seems. Then I have a new problem, I have moved items out of the closet and into my room and have no idea what to do with my messy room and the walls close in and I write run on sentences and everything is terrible!

When I spent time in Haiti I learned a Haitian Proverb. Translated in English it simply says, "Beyond mountains. More mountains."

A mountain is large and difficult to navigate and once you accomplish getting over it, there is just another mountain to face. While you climb one mountain and get higher and closer to the goal, you are more aware of how tired you are and how many more mountains you have to navigate. 

It is seemingly impossible and seems it will take forever. 

Here is the truth. We will never hit a point in life where there are no struggles. When we die there will likely be a to do list, things we wish we had done or things we still want to do. There may even be stress and regret or undisclosed desires. 

There is another perspective. One we do not see enough. 

We have climbed so many mountains in our lives. We have made it to the summit of  small hills and dunes, large rocks, and mountains that dwarf us. We have stood on that summit for a few moments and enjoyed the view, savored our accomplishments, and then moved on.

When we are close to the top...or at least closer to the top. We are making progress. We are almost there. We are no longer in the valley, we are moving toward the summit. 

Regardless how many summits we stare at in life, no matter how many valleys, we can only navigate one at a time and we need to remember what we have accomplished, because it is in that moment that we will realized we have been here before, it was just a different hill or dune or cliff or mountain. 

We can do this. 

I have allowed myself to be stuck in a moment. I have sat at the side of a dune that is not very large and stood paralyzed because I no longer wanted to move on. I wanted to go back to a place I cannot get back to. I wanted a summit that I was at once. The view was spectacular and breathtaking and it filled me with wonder and restored my belief in beauty and I will miss that summit for every day of my life, but I also have the memories. I remember it. I choose to remember it fondly and know that it is a part of me and my story and my climb, but I have a dune to get the top of now. 

Keep climbing. So what if it is neverending.

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