Friday, September 16, 2016

Many Gardens

Most of the garden pics I take are full of colors and vibrant flowers and shades. But as this Japanese garden shows, there are many gardens.

This one is sand and stone and decorated rock and a stone objet d'art with green bushes that are meticulously trimmed. 

All gardens take equal care, but no two gardens are the same. Gardens will sometimes start off as one thing and develop over time into something different. They are all gardens and they are all valid in their definition of gardens. If all gardens were the same, we would be living in a rather bland existence of uniformity and conformity. 

It is why I often compare love to tending a garden. 

Gardens do not just happen. You have to decide what you want to plant in your garden of love. You create the love, then form it. Oh, you may be inspired together by forces you may not understand in the heart and the mind, but it is your actions and your tending and your care that decide the elements and the shape of it all. 

I have shown pictures of gardens that are potted plants and flowers on balconies, English style gardens, Japanese style gardens, and gardens with no conventional definition save that of being beautiful. 

All are gardens and no one gets to say one is not or one is less. You may prefer certain gardens, but if you are not the one tending it or caring for it, you do not get to shape the garden or define it, the gardener does. 

Whatever your garden of love looks like, whatever elements you decide, however many times you change what is grown so you can taste and smell and feel different things, know that it is right and it is beautiful and it is yours and you made it. You cared for it. you tended it. 

As always, beware the weeds, protect it from predators, care for it, tend it, but more than anything else...take time to enjoy it. 

Many forms of love. Many gardens. All are love and all are gardens. 

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