Friday, September 30, 2016

Man and Nature and the Nature of Man

Nature and Mankind
This was one of my pictures of Niagara Falls I took in 2013. It was a rather impulsive moment. I was an hour and a half away from the falls on a business trip. As I was leaving I thought to myself that I would see one of the great natural wonders of the world. 

The closer I got to the falls, the more congested it was. The more tacky and horrific all the signs and the storefronts were. The more impossible it was to drive and park. 

This natural wonder of the world is so congested with the lesser wonder of consumerism and tourism that getting a good vantage point is an arduous challenge. 

But that is what we do when we find something beautiful, isn't it. We try to surround it and contain it and control the narrative. 

I have seen that happen to not only natural wonders, but people. 

We will, in our lives, encounter beautiful people who inspire us. Those lovely souls are sometimes surrounded by lessor ones trying to make a buck, own or capitalize off of that which is lovely on it's own as it is. 

May we all move past the ownership mentality, the tourist mentality and return to pilgrimages of beauty and just take in the wonder for all that it is. May we not try to control and contain wonder and open it up to all.

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