Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Frozen Falls

Frozen Falls
I often talk about the gentle and persistent nature of water. How over time it can pulverize rock into beach sand, forge rivers and canyons and so much more. It is, like love, gentle and persistent and life giving and  given time and pressure, powerful.

And yet, there are times, where even water can be stopped. 

In this case, the harsh elements of the coldness of life were able to stop the flow of the fall. Frozen by harsh realities, even rushing water could be stopped. Love could flow no more and was frozen...stopped in mid rush.

A cold that can stop the flow of love so suddenly is a bitter harsh cold with a wind that can cause frostbite and permanent scarring on exposed skin in mere moments.  But in this picture is another reality. There are clouds in the sky. Water, love, that has evaporated has not gone away, it has taken refuge and collected together to slowly build with the winds of change and will one day become rain that will fill the river once again causing it to flow. 

But for now, the falls are frozen. But if you wait patiently, if you look long enough as the cold wind becomes a distant memory, you will see a droplet or two start to move. The ice will melt and the water will flow. Water and the river and the lakes and the falls and the oceans will continue their persistent current of love. 

Harsh realities may have frozen your life source of love for a time. Heat, time and neglect may have evaporated the cup that fills you. 

But if you are patient, water's persistence will do what it always does, flow and move forward in its never ending quest to carve out beauty in our lives. If you do not believe me, look at pictures of the Grand Canyon. It took water in all it's forms a long time to carve out that wonder and it is still working. 

Trust the waterfalls, trust the process and know that love's flow can be halter for a time, frozen, but it cannot be stopped.  

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