Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Backed into a Corner with Flair

Cornered With Flair
We all have moments in our lives where we feel like we are feel closed in, trapped and maybe even backed against a wall. Often we have that feeling because we are.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. So if you are backed against the cold hard concrete of life, you may as well say to hell with it keep your individuality, style, and have a little bit of flair. You can be cornered, the walls can close in, and you can still win by not losing you in the process. If you can do that, if you can keep your flair and yourself, you will always come out of those moments better. 

Most of the time, I prefer to keep the black and white pure and without effects. I firmly believe that there is no black and white, everything is shades of grey-scale. But there are some individuals, like in the movie Pleasantville, that add a splash of color that you cannot help but be drawn to.

That spark of color in the black and white and grey world is a stark contrast that you are drawn to. There are many that would want to enclose that individual freedom and make that splash of color like everything else so it can fit in, obey the rules and be a responsible shade of grey. 

No matter how high the walls, mo matter how cold the concrete you are backed into, wear your favorite gloves and doc martins and make sure you never lose that splash of color. We need a few focal points in this life to stand out. 

Some will say your splash of color is irresponsible, it is not mature, it does not fit in, it is wrong, you are wrong. you are bad, you are too loose with your color and it may even be a sin that hearts need to be guarded against. 

They are wrong. Their orderly black and white can barely recognize and comprehend the beauty and the nuance of the grey. People like that who cannot even see the grey rarely accept the splashes of color. What they see as wrong is their limitation and not yours. Your color gives us new focal points, new perspectives, and brings us to beauty and to freshness. If we are so bold as to not only accept, but to cherish and celebrate it, we will be enriched and you will tear down walls and the only time your back will be against the wall is when you strike a pose.

If you are gonna get backed into a corner, do it with flair and with color. We need you. 

I need you. 

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