Monday, September 5, 2016

Alice's Zen

Alice's Zen
I did a mixed media piece featuring "Alice". It will be on display at the Origins III Gallery opening in October. A portion of this photo is one element in it. I hope you come see it. All the elements together are compelling. Beautiful.

Alice, like all of us, needs a focal point. Something to still the ever churning waters of her racing thoughts that lead her to spin in the tension. 

Music is her zen. It can take her through memories, lead her to believe in love's possibilities, excite her, move her and relax her. It is sometimes spiritual and always something she can be lost in.

Music is the vibration of our souls. It taps into our nature and our dreams. It moves us and sways us into it's rhythms and we can be lost in the beat, the motion and the lyrics. Music can soothe us and invigorate us. The song of the troubadour becomes our song and can bring back old memories and create the tempo for new ones.

Music is life. Music is the soundtrack to the story of us.  

For some of us, we find our center in music. Music can heal and it can calm the storm raging in us. We realte to it or get lost in the what if's. 

Music is her zen. Music is my zen. 

Get lost in a song. 

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