Monday, August 22, 2016

When Everything is Too Much


This shit has combined elements of many things that exist in many of my urban and natural landscapes. There is steel and glass and concrete. There is nature by way of trees and clouds and sky. There is a sculpture. There is even a streetlamp. It has virtually everything from my fine art landscapes. Together, it is just too much.

We want everything, but it is often too much when it is all there in front of us.

My room and condo has too much. As I write this, there is actually a professional organizer in my home that is reducing it all, because it is too much. Everything is overwhelming and suffocating me. Everything is creating stress and affecting my productivity. She is reducing and simplifying.

I am finding out that there is a mindset to having everything. That mindset is we cling to our past and our pain and attachments until it becomes too much. I asked about things that represent memories that may have meaning to me. She looked at me and said, "You are a photographer, right? Take pictures of these things that remind you of moments and put them in a file in your computer. They will always be with you.  And instead of being surrounded by the past that suffocates you, you will be able to open your file and look at them whenever you desire."

When everything is too much. We need to let go.

This is me, letting go. Why? This shot that has everything is too busy and there is no focus. It is too much.

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