Friday, August 5, 2016

What the Water Made Me

Water's Fall Forges
This is water racing down a water fall continuing to form the waterfall and the river. Rocks become sand under the pressure of water. Canyons are formed, coastlines shaped, rivers created and life given. The formation is a slow process that takes a very long time for the process to happen and is barely perceptible. Sometimes it happens in a rush when a tsunami hits a shoreline or a hurricane strikes.

The water shapes and carves our world.

In our life, there is a current and a flow that changes us as well. Sometimes it is barely noticed gentle pressure that happens over time and other times the change crashes on the shores of our lives with a sudden force and reshapes everything. At first we mistake it for destruction, but as we heal, the change is noted and something new comes from it all.

I am in a process of becoming as we all are. That is what the water made me. What is the water making you?

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