Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Unusual Acceptance

Unusual Acceptance
In many suburbs in the Chicago area you will see new and different art work in the middle of town. Sometimes they are large plastic cows painted differently and other times they are themes of a conventional artistic nature. Sometimes, you go into a town where there may be a large plastic rocket in front of a state museum. This is unusual.

When faced with the unusual and the different and the unique, you have to accept it. It is there. Right in front of you. The question that remains is as follows: Do you embrace it and take delight or do you call it weird and dismiss it?

One position is a position of judgement based on what you perceive as good or bad or art or not. You sit in a seat of judgement. One position is based on wonder and curiosity and enchantment. 

We are going to meet people who are like this plastic rocket in front of a museum in a small city's downtown area. They are unique. Initially they do not seem to fit in. They are different. If you say they do not belong, you are missing the wonder. If you embrace the wonder and see whimsy in the difference, you will want to learn more. You will want to know the inspiration and the story and in this engagement, their story will be a part of your story. 

When you come across someone that seems unusual, take delight in your unusual acceptance, not scorn or judgement. The large plastic rocket will never conform to be something other than what it is to suit you. It is a large plastic rocket and it is wonderful.  

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  1. Something familiar and comfortable to one being may be the opposite to another. No thing, idea, living being, etc, is either right or wrong. It simply is. And because it is, it has a purpose. And that purpose is just as important, meaningful, and great as any other's ... Even if society thinks they are in a position to judge it and deem it unworthy or of no value. The Universe only knows the truth and love of it.


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