Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Themes and Interests: The Water Falls

Yet Another Water Fall
This is my 4th waterfall that I have put on display and up for sale. My waterfall shots never sell and I keep doing them. I do not really care that they sell. I love waterfalls. It is a theme and an interest and something I find lovely. 

There are artists in many mediums I know that have some theme or interest that they pursue and it frustrates some of them that those pieces do not get featured or sell.

When I wrote my first book, I had a conversation with a friend who has written a few books and has helped others get published. He asked me one simple question. "Do you want to write the book with the story you want to tell or do you want to write a book that sells? Your passion will still be in the book that sells, but you will have to make some concessions. The book that sells is not for you, it is for them."

When I take photographs or work on a conceptual piece I decide what is for me and what is for the public. I take extra care in the setting on my camera when I shoot a waterfall. I take my time. I always take my time, but in this case, there is a little more care. This is for me. 

When I share a picture of a waterfall, I am sharing my interest and my passion and I do not care that it sells, this is for me to look at and enjoy the use of light and color and composition. Even the little bit of blur from an errant leaf in the left corner is for me. 

This is all right. There are some things that we do for ourselves regardless of us being an artist or a accountant or a stay at home parent. We need those corners with our personal themes and interests. If we share them, it is all right if others do not care as much about the subject as we do. We are who we are and we do not have to justify our heart's interest. 

Be you and enjoy your themes and interests. I am going to enjoy how the water falls at the waterfall. 

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