Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Things We Miss Out of Our Elements

Out of Elements
It is not everyday you see a mermaid in the middle of downtown in a major city. You would think that this would draw attention. Most people walked by as if she were a panhandler, a street preacher or a musician. I watched her for minutes with fascination. 

Commuters barely gave her a glance. This was something wonderful and delightful that was not in our element and it was being missed. 

How often do we do this? We do not truly know because we missed them. 

Eventually, I did speak with her. Tomorrow I will tell you of what happened when she and I spoke and share more pictures of the mermaid and why she was there. 

For today. I want to focus on something else. 

We are surrounded by wonder, opportunity and whimsy all the time. Things that are not normally where we expect them to be. Too often, these wonders are ignored and opportunities are lost. The opportunities could be love, a new career, a great conversation, a new friend, or just an unforgettable moment or two. 

As you go about the mundane, be present in the moment you exist in and don't let wonder be one of the things we miss out of our elements. 

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