Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Places We Never Go

Stairway to?
Yesterday I told the story of the man made island. I took out my telephoto lens to get a better look and found this little curiosity among the bushes. Spaces like that fascinate me. Where does it go? What is hidden behind the brush? 

Ever since I was a little boy I have been fascinated by spaces like this. I remember being 6 and going to DisneyLand with my grandpa. When we were on the "It's a Small World" ride I saw a door. Probably just a service entrance of some kind and I wondered where it went. When I took my son on the ride for the first time in 2010 in my thirties, I looked for the door and it was still there. 

No matter how old we get there is within us a spark of curiosity and wonder about doorways and stairs on islands surrounded by bushes and so much more. Most of the time we sit in wonder and imagination and curiosity. Sometimes we actually explore. 

This is more than just stairs in bushes on man made islands and service doors in amusement rides. 

This is about that dance studio we drive by every day. 

This is about the art classes we see advertised. 

This is about her smile or his eyes that make us curious. 

We should take that class, learn to dance, get to know the eyes and he smile. When we go up the stairs and into the bushes, it may be boring or we may not enjoy the experience. That said, we may find a wonderland in a private meadow few know about. We may enjoy dancing. We may find out there is an artist inside. We may even fall in love. 

There is only one way to find out.

Go to the places we never go.

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