Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Streets and Steel

Streets and Steel
When I tell people that in my battery of work, that I take urban landscapes, they often tell me that is not as beautiful as nature. But when I am in a city, I do see nature. I see human nature in the streets and steel. I see architecture. I see people milling about of all different races and economic backgrounds. I see streets with taxis and cars crawling at a snails pace. I see food trucks, street vendors, panhandlers, cops and so much more. 

The best and the worst of us is found in the streets and steel. Dreams and realities clash. Art is made. Humans do lovely things and rude things. In the midst of the fast pace you will see people stop to watch someone play the violin with his case open before him with a smattering of singles as people stop...just for a moment...to take in the music. To be present and caught off guard by unexpected beauty. 

This may not be lakes and trees and sunsets dipping into the ocean, but there is beauty and wonder.

There is one common bond I see between nature landscapes and urban landscapes. They are both wild and untamed and cannot be controlled. They have their own life. This is why I find the suburbs the least interesting of them all. We try to contain nature and the streets. We control. We rule. We homogenize. In nature, every area has it's own vibration. Mountains, oceans, deserts, plains and forests are all different. Every city is too. 

May we embrace the untamed. 

May we embrace the streets and steel within us and know that there is life that is unique and vibrant, even if sometimes a little dangerous. It is human nature and just like nature in many ways.

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