Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sophia on Sophia

This shot is in honor of Sophia. If you do not know who Sophia is, you need to explore the artwork of my friend David Hayward. He is also an author. Sophia is a woman on a journey away from pain and into a new world. She is often naked in the woods. It is his journey and the path of many others. He wrote a book featuring his Sophia series of art called, "The Liberation of Sophia". I cannot recommend the book enough for anyone who is in a life transition. She is naked and brave and us. When you look into her, you too feel naked.

I shot "Sophia" in natural light as the dawn of a new day came through the window starting to cast out the shadows. The light is harsh, but to drive out the shadows in life, it sometimes has to be. Like David's Sophia, she is naked. She is learning about herself through the path of Sophia and making it her path. You also never see her face, because she is us. All of us.

I hope you do this same. We are all more naked and vulnerable and brave than we think we are.

If you buy this print, I will donate half the proceeds to his community, The Lasting Supper. It is a space where many other Sophia's like us are walking naked and with all the courage we can muster to move forward in this life. I hope to meet you there.

I know the shot is unconventional. But it is supposed to be. Sophia is honest and raw. I do hope I have honored her, which means I have honored myself, you, and David.

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