Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday Storytelling: When You Need A New Story

I was talking to some friend yesterday and I told a story about my life that is approaching it's anniversary. One of the people I was talking to looked at me with horror as she heard the story and cringe at the moment I experienced. It has, in many respects, been the defining story of my current life. It is also a dark and terrifying way to grow. Some seasons are like that.

Anyway, she looked at me and said, "You need a new story."

I told her that is the story I have. I do not have a new one.

"You need a new story," she repeated.

She is right. This is my story. But the chapter ended and the story of life continues. We do not have to be defined by a chapter of our life, even if it was pivotal.

Maybe I am not the only one who needs a new story. Maybe we forgot that the story is dynamic and not a static moment in our past.

I know someone who is going through a new story and she is shaping it bravely. With every step she is defining herself and creating. I am not even sure she is aware she is doing it, but she is.

I have seen others recognize the story being written and invite her into their world almost randomly to share in the story.

That is what we call inspiration and an example that it is possible to create and tell a new story.

I do not know what the new story is for me yet, just as many of us do not know what they new story will be. Maybe the time for the old story is done and it can just be part of the whole, but not the defining moment.

I want my new story to be one filled with hope, love, maybe some passion with a dash of romance and new adventures as well as overcoming and inspiration.

What do you want yours to be?

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