Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Mother's Protection
I have been a lucky man in that I have known many amazing parents. Most of them are single moms, but some are dads and some are married moms. Regardless, the most sacrificial parents I know are always watching over their little ones even when they are not aware of the presence.

The love of children is one that takes from us. We empty our wells expecting nothing in return. We do need pockets of life that are ours so we can fill our cups, but this is about the protective love, the emptying that is done.

It is selfless, it is constant, and it is beautiful.

One of the most beautiful women I know, it is her most attractive aspect and it is from that center that all her beauty radiates.

This is is dedicated not only to her, but to every parent who loves in this manner and is beautiful because of it. It is also dedicated to all the little ones who have felt that love and grew in it.

I do know that not all of us got that love as children. If that is you, I am so sorry. But for this moment, join me in the gratitude of those that set a better standard and inspire us.

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