Friday, August 26, 2016

New Journeys

Life is a Journey
On my birthday, I went to an art show that was a fundraiser for a charity. I met a woman with purple hair who's art rather took my breath away. Her name is Giselle. It was compelling and uniquely used elements in the mixed media in ways I had not seen, yet felt familiar. We talked and a friendship erupted from that. 

I got to see more of her work. Painting, mixed media, jewelry, sculpture, and even some photography. I love being a part of my artist guild. Working with other artists and being among them feeds and fills me. Giselle and I have started collaborating on some projects that will be made public (and for sale) in the near future. 

Life is a journey and you have to be flexible to the paths that come before you. You can either stay on the path you are on with a narrow focus or you can take a different road in the journey. This time I have decided to take a different road and enjoy part of the journey with a friend and in collaboration. That new direction in the journey of life is also adjusting my road a touch. Not only will there be collaboration, but I have decided to revamp the site and take it, and my work, into a new and more focused direction. That transition will take some time and my plate is full. 

In the meantime. I am helping Giselle clear some inventory. My site merchant account is only geared to sell photographs, so I am doing a temporary alternative at reduced prices. All her pieces are one of a kinds and I will include a special gift with every purchase. You can see more of her work at the new temporary tab in my web site by clicking here. I hope you enjoy her small scale work and stay tuned as I expose you to her work and the work od other fine artists in the Chicago area.

Life is a journey, it is also an adventure. 

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