Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Interconnected Human Wheels

I was talking to a dear friend yesterday via text and I asked her if I was going mad. She said that I was merely on the "small spoke of the crazy wheel". It made me smile and I thought it was the most poetic thing I had heard in awhile. Less then 5 minutes later I would take these pictures of some gears. Gears are a series of wheels interconnected by teeth to drive a machine. It is a series of gears that drive a watch's mechanisms to keep time. It is a series of gears that allow the transmission on our car to shift. I could go on. They are interconnected wheels that drive the machine. If one falls out of place or loses too many teeth from wear, the machine no longer keeps time or shifts the car. 

The smaller spokes and wheels in this case drive the larger ones. They are interconnected. In our life, we are not islands or single wheels unto ourselves. We are a series of interconnected wheels that drive a machine larger than ourselves. Our actions have an effect on the whole of humanity and even the planet. Every lie we tell breaks a tooth on the machine. Every loving act we do keeps the machine going. 

Machines can be fixed when they break and a little care and maintenance will keep it going. 

Here is the point. Not only are we all connected in ways we do not see or understand, we all matter and are essential to the machine of interconnected human wheels. 

Even if we feel that we are a small spoke on the wheel, we are a part. Keep turning.

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