Monday, July 11, 2016

Why Roses?

Red Rose
While I take pictures of flowers, I rarely display them. They are done all the time. In today's world of "smart phones" their natural beauty is diminished with filters and effects. I suspect a filter would want this rose to be brighter and more red, but that is not the nature of this particular strain of rose. It is wonderful as it is.

Roses are interesting things for romantics. They have developed a life of their own that other flowers do not have. A single red rose represents love, a dozen is gratitude, twenty five is a gesture of congratulation and fifty is symbolic of unconditional love. Bon Jovi wants to lay you down in a bed of roses, the Scottish and Irish want you to know that red is the rose that does many things for his bonnie lass, Poison will remind you that every rose has it's thorn, and the list of poets and minstrels goes as far back as Shakespeare and continues in pop culture. 

Some of us like lilacs, sunflowers, irises, the lotus and other flowers more, but the rose continues to inspire lovers and poets and musicians and storytellers. It has developed it's life and it's legend even if some of the etymologies are lost. 

The red rose, poetry, lovers, minstrels, troubadours and so many other aspects of romance are older than many religions, philosophies, nations, civilizations and cynics and will likely continue to outlive them. Does that not tell the cynic and the non believers in courtly love something? Does it not suggest that David Bowie was right when he said, "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"? There is a reason why so many people remember Susan Sarandon in "Shall We Dance" when she says she wants a witness to her life. 

There is something beautiful in love. It does not need filters, it does not need special effects. It is as lovely as is and it's natural shades are authentic and the thorns guard the beauty as the fragrance draws in. 

Why roses? Why love?

Because we need something more real than religion, more wise than philosophy and more proven than science.  

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