Friday, July 1, 2016

Whimsical Delight

Watching Me Watching You
When I took photos of this bird on West Beach, he took me on a stroll. He knew I was watching him, he knew I was paying attention and trying to get a picture. He never took flight, he just kept moving his little legs along the sand and every few seconds would stop to look at me to see if I was still there.

This was one of the moments he stopped. I was hoping to catch him in the moment of take off and he would not fly. He just kept this little chase going. Sometimes I would stop and he would too. If I moved he just kept right on moving. The game eventually ended and we went our separate ways.

It reminded me of playing peekaboo with my child when he was a toddler. It reminded me of playful flirtation when two people look across each other at a room or a table. It reminded me of playing fetch with my dog when you pretend to throw the ball and you don't. It reminded me of so many of those moments where two have a moment of whimsical delight. 

Whimsical delights are moments in life and they are almost always brief. They are the moments we stop worrying about all of our problems and get lost chasing a bird, staring at lovely eyes with a wry grin, stepping into a child's world or playing with a dog or a great many other things. Whimsical delight is something a child's heart does often and as we get older, we do it less often. We still do it and those moments lighten the load and the heart. 

When caught in the moment of Whimsical delight, allow yourself to enjoy it. Like life, it is fleeting, but it is good. It will not change your world, but for a few moments you will be lost in one thing. You will be present without being aware. You will be in the moment without effort. You will be immersed in whimsical delight. 

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