Friday, July 29, 2016

We Need The Rain Too

We Need The Rain
The storms in life. We use the analogies of feeling cloudy and weathering the storms of life. Today the storm was looming and everyone at work was talking about as were our visitors. When is it gonna happen? How bad will it be? Will we handle it and be safe?

When the storm hit and the rain came I looked outside and saw the people still outside scatter and seek shelter. The lighting was ominous and I almost got stuck in an elevator when a power surge hit. 

It was hard and bad. 

Then I saw something else. I noticed the flowers in our garden outside the museum/gallery I work at part time. 

In this heat, the storms give them nourishment that they need to thrive when the sun comes. The sun comes and the flowers convert them to energy as they take in the carbon dioxide and nourish us with oxygen. While all of this happens, the flowers roots grow deeper into the ground to seek the waters the storms give that it needs to live.  The water helps the flower absorb the nutrients in the soil. Without the water from the storm, it would have nothing to reach for when the roots grow. The flowers need both the light and the storms to thrive. 

We need the rain too. We need the storms and the rain just as we need the light and sunshine. We need it in a different way than we need the light, but it is part of the cycle of our nourishment and  our wisdom. It teaches us, it tests our roots and is part of what feeds our roots as they grow and our petals' colorful beauty radiates in sun and in storm. 

Let the storms in life feed you. Let the roots you get from the days of light make you strong enough to survive the very storm that is part of our life. 

I am not a guru. I am not a shaman. I am not a priest or a zen-master. I am guy trying his best to figure it out. I do know this, we need the rain too. 

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