Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Wisdom of Forgetting and More.

Entry to Hell
For those who have read my book or my prior blog, you know that I used to be a taxi driver on the night shift in the Chicago area. There was a regular I used to pick up that we will call Mrs. N. She was in her 70's, a bit of a nite-owl, and used us frequently in the dead of night. 

One night I had her in my taxi and she was telling me about a break up her niece had recently gone through that was hard on her. Mrs N told me how she tried to console her. "Ya know what I told her Pat? I told her that if you want to get the taste of a man out of your heart, taste another man." I pointed out to her that she has not done any tasting since her husband died and without missing a beat, she said, "I don't wanna taste anything else and I don't want to forget. The pain that comes with remembering would be worse than the agony of forgetting." I asked her if that was the best course for her niece then. "My advice will never cause her to forget, but it will get her to move on. The next day happens no matter what, sitting on your butt not doing anything won't change that. I see these people all the time who stopped living. All they see is the bad things that happened to them and they wallow in it instead of having good things. They say they can't do good things like laugh or love. They can. They just wont. I lost more than I got, but I never stopped trying to get more. More love, more friends, more memories, more fun, more beautiful things. I tell ya, people are stupid when they like to be unhappy."

I had nothing more to say that night and I have nothing more to say now.

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