Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Steps We Climb

Steps We Climb
I took this at Chicago's Botanical Garden's earlier this year. I really love it when people build man made items to blend into nature. There is a college I once saw in Northern California that almost seemed to grow out of the redwoods. I used to know an architect. I would have loved to have talked to her about some of the things I saw in the botanical gardens to learn about the intention of design that happened. I have learned that architects do quite more than I thought they did. They think about everything right down to the placement of the light bulbs and drawers. In this case, someone put some thought into this and ways that I will never know, but I appreciated the beauty and enjoyed walking uphill with wonder as to what lay around the next bend.

When I reached the top, there was an amazing view of an island and a lake with oriental designs and a walk downhill towards waterfalls. 

Uphill climbs are arduous sometimes and to be offered beauty along the path and a reward when you reach the precipice is more than we get most of the time. I remember once climbing 5 flights of stairs in a smelly stairwell because the elevator was slow. Winded and my nostrils smelling things I wish I had not, I get to my floor and the stairwell entrance was locked. I had to retreat, go back all the way down, and wait for the eternally slow elevator. No flow, no scenery, no reward. 

We have goals. Those goals are often represented as a climb up to reach a peak where we will have arrived. We do not know how many steps we will climb, what obstacles we will encounter, or if there will be a reward or a locked door when we get to the top. There is something I do know. If there is a trail, or a stairwell or even an architecturally designed natural stone steps designed to blend harmoniously into the surroundings, others have not only been where we are at, they have achieved the goals of going the same places we wish to go. 

There is one more thing I need to say. Someone else may have built the stairs and designed what is on top. Some may have put more care into creating the path than others, you may need help along the way, but this is your journey and you have your reasons. Do not let others tell you how to do it. Do not let others make you feel badly for the road you choose. Do not let them guilt you, manipulate you, or treat you like a child. They need to worry about their own damn path. There is a difference between friends who keep us from danger (hey, there is a loose rock and a cliff you cannot see) and those who are just not understanding you (those shoes are a hideous color, do I get to share the credit for your climb, you need to instagram this and we need to take a selfie)

The steps we climb. We have our reasons and we have our choices and others have been a part of it even if we never met them or know of them, but it is our journey. The steps we climb. 

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