Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Happy Spaces and Safe Tribes

Accepting Space
This is Downtown Baltimore shot from one of the balconies at the Baltimore Convention Center. You can see the balcony of the other half of the convention center to the right.

Every year my son and I go there for an event called Otakon. It is a fan con that is largely Anime based and is a celebration of Japanese art and animation. 

It is a space where my son is happy and safe and embraces the fullness of life and delight. Every year we go and every year I have no idea how I am gonna afford it and it always seems to work out. We will be going again in August.

It is a space where the community of fans do not care if your cos play is "good" or not. It is a place where it does not matter if you are gay or straight or bi or trans or fat or short or tall or thin or black or white. It is a space where the only thing that matters is common passion and love for an art and entertainment. 

Ironically, there are street preachers and Christians outside judging the beauty inside and the people. They offer literature and invitation to a better way. A better way of walls. A better way of judgement. A better way that is sometimes deadly to the precious lives within where they would not be wholly accepted as they are.

I wish they could see that these young people have already found a better way that we could all learn from.

We all have spaces that make us feel happy or community where we feel safe. I hope we do. 

Go to those. Embrace your tribes. Find that oasis in the desert and thrive in it every moment you are there. If being among the tribe and meeting the tribes makes demands of you, exhausts you and empties you, that is not your tribe, that is your codependency. Your tribe fills you, not empties. Our countdown begins soon and this year, we both need it. We all need the happy spaces and safe tribes. Even the nomads.

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