Monday, July 4, 2016

The Freedom All Should Have

The Freedom of Youth
Some days it is a struggle to see beauty so I have to go through my photo library and find it.

This is one of those moments. 

Two children sitting on playground equipment facing the wonder of trees and mountains and talking about the things that children do. They may intuitively understand the wonder and they have the freedom to just sit and enjoy.

This is the freedom all should have. Freedom of peace. Freedom of serenity. Freedom of life with equality. Life without oppression. Life of beauty and wonder.  Life of exploration and imagination. The freedom to grow up without school shootings, rape, judgement over sexual orientation or gender identity. The freedom to not be abused and to be cared for and cared about.

This moment of beauty is precious and it is a freedom that must be embraced by not only all children, but all beautiful souls. All of this and more are the things that fall into the beauty. The threats to those freedoms are us. When we want to toss children out of the country, when we want to deny a child a right to use the locker room or washroom of their identity, when we defend rapists more than we do victims, when we turn the other way when we see abuse, when we despise someone because of their race or gender or faith we threaten this beauty for all. We threaten the freedom of hearts to bask in wonder. 

The freedoms all should have need to be protected by changing our hearts.

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