Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Blessing and the Curse

Blessing and Curse
I took this shot last summer in downtown Joliet. 

I love cars and most of us need them. Even if we do not own one directly, many will still use a taxi or a rideshare app or a friend to drive them somewhere. They take us where we need and where we want to go. That is the blessing. The curse is, they never break down in a convenient time. The repairs are rarely inexpensive. We scramble to figure out where to go. 

There are so many things in our lives that are that way. Friendships, romantic relationships, jobs, and even food (what sustains us and we need to live and so yummy can sometimes make us sick or even unhealthy).

In all of the blessings there is the beauty and the joy and even a sense of freedom when everything is working out. When the curse comes into play, there is frustration and anger and maybe even fear. 

The funny part about us is that we focus on the cursed parts more than we do the blessings. We take it for granted that our car works most of the time. We take it for granted our friends are there for us and true. We take it for granted that in a relationship the sex is good, the romance is real and the pleasure receptors in the brain are being fed. 

The best we can do in any of these things is maintain them well. Pay attention to what is going on. Care for them....and if there is more problems than not we may have to consider replacing the car or doing without for a time. 

It is my hope that if a car breaks down you do not stop driving cars. It is my hope that if a friend lets you down you do not stop making friends. If love breaks down you do not stop loving. If you have a bad meal, I truly hope you do not stop eating. If you need to fast or do without for a time, I get it, I do. 

There are many shades to life, but it is not all black or white. Even this photo is many shades of grey. This is the blessing and the curse of life. 

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