Saturday, July 23, 2016

Prepping and Planning and Being Present

In a little less than 10 hours I have my second gallery showing at an art show.

I have been prepping and planning for about 2 months now. I decided on my message about Summer and Fun in the Sun. I sought out the right model for 2 of my shots. We worked with each other's schedules. We did the shoot. I worked on the photos on my computer converting them from RAW to JPEG. I went to my photo lab and worked with the owner on what I wanted from the shots. I matted and framed them all. I descried them and priced them.

I dropped them off at the show.

I have updated my website on the about section, the store section and added a CV tab. I am in the process of working on a portfolio, that will not be ready by the show, that will be ready soon, though.

There comes a time when all the prepping and planning is done and all you can do is be present. Sometimes can excel at the prepping and planning and struggle with the being present. There are things beyond your control no matter how well you have prepped and planned and no preparation or plan can cover every eventuality (like two of your pieces being on the top floor in the back and one being right by the entrance creating visibility issues in traffic flow). You make the best of every opportunity and you work with what you have.

You have prepped and planned the best you could have. Conversely, you may not have prepped and planned as well as you could have. It does not matter. The time for prepping and planning is over, now you have to be present in the moment and enjoy what you have worked so hard to do.

All too often, people do not do that last part. Be present and enjoy. They spend the whole time thinking about and second guessing the prepping and planning that they never spend time in the moment that they prepped and planned for. It is a viscous cycle of planting and tilling and never one tasting of the fruit in the garden you tended. There is no point of gardening if you never take of the harvest.

So as I get ready to go to work and then to the gallery and remind myself to be present, we all need to be mindful of that. We can work and work and work, but if we are not there to taste of what we worked for and just move on to the next project, we will never know the taste of the fruit we made. This is true of art shows, projects, relationships, vacations and so much more.

Be present, the time for prepping and planning is done.

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