Monday, July 25, 2016

Letting Go

Letting Go
I have seen many Buddha statues, but never one so whimsical as this one in a friend's garden. To me, it shows the serenity that comes after you have let go of the attachment that causes the suffering and have taken the path to release from the pain.

I am not a Buddhist per se, but though learning zazen (Zen) meditation, I have learned the basics of Buddhism. At it's core are the 4 noble truths. At it's basic they are as follows.

  1. Life is suffering or suffering exists.
  2. Suffering exists because we are attached to our desires and even our pain. 
  3. We can end the suffering when we detach from the desires we cling to.
  4. There is a path we can take to achieve that detachment. The Buddhists call it the 8 fold path. 
This is not the best description of the 4 noble truths, but it will do. 

There was this one time I had someone look at me and point out that I had sad eyes that she wished she could make go away. I did have sad eyes. I had anger that I often let out in poor directions. I always had one foot out the door in everything I did. I had pain and I was so attached to unfulfilled desires that I was never present in the wonder around me. I was lost in the past that I could not be present. It was not that I could not be, I made the poor choice to be attached and I missed so much. 

Now, you can be attached to the fact that you were not present or you can let go. Let it all go.

I want to move forward in this life, I think we all do. But to do that we have to let go. We have to let go of the unfulfilled desires. We have to let go of the pain and the guilt and the regrets and the ghosts and so much more. The funny part is that as soon as we let go we tend to find new things to cling to. That is okay as long as we are aware and we endeavor to be present.

I don't want to miss another smile of my child. A beautiful day. An opportunity to stare into another's eyes and not have sad eyes. There is so much to see and so much I want to see, but that only that happens if we see what is about us right now. 

It is all right to make plans or wish for something. But in the words of a dear friend of mine, we have to enter into those moments with hope, but no expectations. 

As I let go, I enter this week with some hopes, but it is only going in without attachment to expectations that you can be present for whatever wonder awaits. 

Letting go of pain so you can reach for now.

Letting go of expectations so you can be as content as a cute garden statue.

Letting go.

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