Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lament Not the Storm

Lament Not The Storm
There are periods in my life that may not have gone the way I intended, but I refuse to regret them or lament the storms. 

Take the taxi for instance. Some of my dearest friends have pointed out how that period almost destroyed me and I was lost. That may be true. The work may have been dangerous, the hours long, the pay barely human under the almost legal guise of independent contractor, but it was also the time of greatest discovery of who I was and how humanity worked. About a year ago my book released and it was about my life in the taxi and it was beautiful. 

My best writing and most serene moments came in the midst of that time. 

How could I regret one of the most beautiful things that ever happened to me? How could I lament getting to know the people that I now know in the depth that I know them?

Of course things do not go the way you plan them. Of course wonderful things come to an end. Of course there is often pain after the pleasure. That does not mean there are not things contained in that time that were beautiful. The pain does not make the pleasure and the profound wonder any less real. 

If life is truly a series of moments, then treasure every moment that beauty ever offered up to you. The moments that followed that may have not been as wonderful do not change the beauty. 

Flowers wilt, yet we still place them in vases. We savor, for a few moments, their vibrant colors and aromas. 

Lament not the storm, treasure the beauty instead.

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