Wednesday, July 6, 2016


This is a car I rented last year for a Journey. This car and my son and I journeyed through Washington DC, Baltimore MD, and Harrisburg PA. 

Through our travels the car was in good repair, the weather was clear and the other drivers were safe. 

There have been other journeys, some shorter and some much longer, where the road was not no smooth. I was not fresh. It was not safe. 

I have driven in storms where I could not see the road ahead due to snow or rain. I have looked to my right and seen a funnel cloud and I once drove without headlights in the dead of night trying to get the car home. In each journey there have been choices. 

Sometimes the destination was not important so I had the luxury of staying home. Other times I was overtired and had to travel, but the reason I was overtired was that I made poor choices prior to the trip and the lack of self care now led to me endangering myself and others not only in the car but around me. My lack of responsibility before hand and my lack of responsibility to travel anyway was sometimes an even more perfect storm than the ones I have driven through. 

Sometimes we push it too far and we essentially get lucky and arrive safe and sound. If along the road you see a car wrecked in a horrific fashion, you will see someone else was not so lucky. I once saw one of those in the dead of night as crews were putting small bodies in black bags. It was a chilling reminder that was forgotten.

On our roads, no matter how alone we think we are, our actions before the road and on the road have an impact on others. Sometimes we may get lucky and nothing will happen, other times the results are tragic and even deadly.

Do no harm. Not only to others, but to yourself. 

Plan well knowing you cannot account for every twist and turn. Be prepared to rest. If you are not rested, don't be a hero for that may make you a villain in someone else's story. 

The road of life always has risks. We cannot eliminate the possibility of heartache, pain, storms in life and the actions of others. All we can control is our actions and the best way to secure those is maintenance, self care, and remaining calm. 

We should never stop taking journeys and sometimes we have to take a risk or two. 

We are all on journeys.

May they be safe.

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