Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Driftwood on the dunes. It is not something many think about. It is a nuisance to many. Just useless wood in the way of a stroll along the beach. It was just useless wood that found its way on the beach through the winds and the tides and the waves to lie lifeless on the beach.

It is just useless driftwood that provided shelter and food for birds and fish and other marine life. It is useless driftwood that when it hit the beach has continued to provide shelter for birds and plants and other living things. This useless driftwood is also the foundation that sand dunes are composed of. Some artists and craftsmen take this useless driftwood and incorporate it into lovely furniture.

If you ever feel like you are floating adrift in the sea of life or washed ashore to be an eyesore in the way of the beauty of others, please remember this fact.

You are as useless as driftwood.

That may make you and I the most important and beautiful part of the beach of life.


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