Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dreams to Embers

Dreams was a restaurant and bar. The family that owned it had great service, good food and they kept the apartments above the restaurant reasonably priced. They were an integral part of the community. Then one day, Dreams burned down. For years the building sat with the burned out hulk of Dreams burned down and dilapidated. Not too long ago dreams became Embers. Named after a glowing hot coal or piece of wood that remains after a fire. 

Our dreams are like that. They can be beautiful and wondrous things that can, in mere moments, burn to the ground with a hulk of burned out memories. The memories remain for us like a burnt out hulk. The memories of what a marriage or relationship was supposed to be or a career path or any dream that we wanted that burned away. 

Sometimes, if we are clever and creative caretakers of our hearts, we can take the burning embers of the rubble and use it as kindling to warm us and allow us to see and rebuild. We can always rebuild and have new dreams. Sometimes it will be the original idea of the dream with a twist, the new Embers is a restaurant and bar with apartments above. Sometimes we will have new dreams we will start building. 

If your dreams have burned, I am so sorry. It has happened and will happened. Use the embers in your heart to build. It can be a revision of the original dream or it can be something completely different. The heart needs dreams and hope. 

Dreams to Embers is a lovely cycle if we allow it to be.

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